Monday, August 4, 2014

Hello from the air

Of course, I can't post this from the air, but I can type this from the air and post it when we land. 
Right now, I feel like my heart has been through a washing machine and hung out on a clothesline to dry. I'm a mix of sad, exhausted from being sad and living without a home for 3 days, and excited about seeing my family and friends. 

I even feel a little sad about being excited and a little sad about being sad when goin into something pleasant and exciting. 

Throw into the mix a little nervousness about bein in a hot and humid summer, and I'm pretty well summed up!

Several coworkers and friends came to see me off at the airport. A few people I knew arrived on the incoming flight from Tokyo as well, and I was happy to see them!

My peeps!
After security, the gate area is glassed in. I got stuck in security, thanks to my shoes. When I came out, everyone was waving through the glass. I waved as much as possible (guess who was the last passenger). I got to the end of the jetway, and we all waved vigorously. I turned the corner, and let the tears come.

The hills of Wakkanai were so green and lovely. I couldn't take a picture, because before I was even settled, we were driving out. 

We took off, and I smooshed my face against the window until we were in the clouds. 

Then, we broke through to the sun.  

I think I'm dehydrated. I almost cried when I left the post office, for Pete's sake! But they are always so kind. 

I should have been using Johnson's baby shampoo!

Goodbye, large piece of my heart!

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Sharon said...

The 1st and last pics are unreal!