Monday, August 4, 2014

A rainy farewell, part I

Last night, a huge rainstorm started. When Valerie and I left this morning, it rained on my head and gave me a new 'do. 

We had coffee and toast at Banka. Yum!
Oishii is how to say delicious in Japanese. This coffee is always oishii!
Saying goodbye to my friend of 5 years was. not. fun. But, I hope to see her soon!

Yesterday, I realized that I hadn't taken tourist pictures of Wakkanai Station, which is a cool station because it is the northernmost station in Japan. 

Selfie with the sign (and the lovely rain hairdo - argh!)

Went back to gather my things and fix my hair. But it's still raining, so I may still be leaving this town looking like my hair got stuck in an eggbeater!

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Sharon said...

You have the privilege of 5 years of sweet memories, Elizabeth.