Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What a ride this has been!

And I mean all 5 years. 

Here we have a regular old commuter with her coffee, off for a day of work. 
Boy, it was a gorgeous day for a ferry commute. 
I had fun sending a million pictures, videos, and messages home. 

The temperature was perfect. It was also quite mild at school. Being seaside is nice!
After school, the students prepared for their school festival. 

This evening, the teachers had a farewell party (soubetsukai) for me at the yakiniku restaurant on the island. 
It was really a lovely day, and a great final evening on Rebun. And guess what? I think I might be in the room where I started at Pension Uni. It's the loft room with UFOs everywhere and glow-in-the-dark dolphins on the wall. Boy, did that ever surprise me the first time I turned off the lights!

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Sharon said...

Such a great post by such a cute woman!! I love you!