Tuesday, July 15, 2014


So, Monday was a very random day. And that's saying something! First was a regular office day. But after work, I went with a family of friends down to the port. 
The ginormous ship Asuka II was making a short stop in Wakkanai. They came by last year as well. This year, a friend's dance group danced for the ship. Well, for the people on the ship. Haha. The cruise people seemed to really enjoy the performance. They called for an encore, which was performed as the huge ship slowly began driving away. 
I think this picture has dancers. I'm not really sure, because I'm standing in bright sun and strong wind and wearing sunglasses. 

As the boat pulled away, everyone waved. 
Bye, big boat!

After the boat left, we went across town to the archery range. It only costs ¥130 (a little over a dollar) to do archery for 2 hours. A man from the city hall came and taught us about archery, and then he released us into the wild. 
Let's shoot stuff!

I'm generally not bad at shooting, so I thought archery would be a breeze. 


I (and others!) shot the back wall, shot other people's targets, and all kind so stuff. One person even shot a yellow guide flag. 

If you look closely at an arrow at the top, you can see that someone else shot my target, too!

It was a fun evening!

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Sharon said...

I agree with Diana--very Narnia like. That truly is a ginormous ship. The quaint customs of dancing for the ship people and having cartoon characters wave is so special. What a grand land you have been experiencing.