Saturday, July 12, 2014

Please don't cry!

I spent most of today at a junior high school volleyball tournament. It was an interesting experience, because most of my sports knowledge comes from movies. In movies, the opponents are usually on the evil side. But at a junior high school tournament, both sides are just cute young students. 

Actually, one game was one of my schools vs. a school where I knew a lot of the parents (I teach at the high school).  That made cheering complicated! And if I weren't leaving, most of today's players would have been future students!

Anyway, the school where I actually teach did quite well. They won all of their games today. Teams had to lose 2 games to be eliminated. So it was quite a while into the day before the first team was eliminated. 

I looked over to the other court and saw the team who had just finished playing on the other court. They were in tears. 

Even though I have nothing to do with that school, I started getting sniffly myself! 

Apparently, I can't be around crying people! 

But it was an interesting day!

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Sharon said...

That was hard--knowing people on both teams. I don't think you will have any tears left when you return to the U.S.