Friday, July 11, 2014

Goodbye, friend

I'm so weary. Here are my final views of Rishiri. 

Still in port

Heading out


I'm going to miss this place

Leaving school was difficult. Students and teachers came to the door to say goodbye, and one student followed the bus. 

Several students and teachers were on the same ferry. That was nice. After I got back, I met a friend for dinner. Can you guess what this is?

I'm so tired, and I've thought about this day so much that the reality has not entirely set in. I wonder when it will hit? 

I'm so grateful for such a nice final visit!

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Sharon said...

I got that one right! Good old fried octopus! That photo with the partial cloud cover is spectacular, Elizabeth. It almost looks like "she" is saying good bye to you by showing herself in all her beauty.