Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Breaking hearts, lots of love

Goodbyes are hard. Right now, my life is a constant series of farewells. Today was goodbye day for my big elementary school. The students there are always cheerful and excited to chat. 

We talked a lot during lunch. 
It was all delicious, I promise. 

After school, I wandered around a bit and watched a group of students march past twirling batons. You don't see that everyday!

When it was time to leave, a big group of students came to the door to say and wave goodbye. I cannot lie. I got pretty choked up at the last moment. 

On the train, I read some letters from students. One little one said that she didn't like English before, but then I came and she liked English. 

Well, brother, it was all over then! 

I was just glad to be at the back of the train! I decided to save the rest of the letters, so I just looked out the window and did some relaxing things. The farms are gorgeous now. Bazillions of bales of hay are being wrapped, making the hills look like a bag of giant marshmallows exploded. 
Got back and enjoyed a nice walk home. Although it was really hard to say goodbye, it was also a positive day with many fun interactions. 

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aquamaureen said...

Transitions are almost always a challenge for those with tender hearts :). All I can say is: stay open to the joy and love. It may hurt some, but you will never regret having loved so much :)