Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beautiful Places: Wakkanai Kouen

I really love Wakkanai Park on a beautiful day. It’s built on a hill, which is exhausting, but you can get some beautiful views. Today, I took a picnic lunch to one of the lower levels of the park. Part of me wanted to climb the full mile up to the swings, but it was just tooooooooo long.

I had a beautiful view for my lunch, though!


I took a tuna sandwich. Trying to use up leftover food. Speaking of leftover food, I think I gave myself mild food poisoning. Oh, well. It wasn’t the tuna. I think it was some milk. I’m all better now, though (I think). Leftover roulette!

Here’s a tree I like a lot. It always looks pretty with the sea behind it.


The view through a hole in the trees


Then, I got to see something I’ve never seen before. Everyone, you’ll need your glasses or a magnifying glass for this one. I’ll wait…




Everybody OK? Check it out! There are two ferries converging on Wakkanai at the same time! I found this rather exciting. The Soya Boreas is the white dot on the left, and the Feelease Soya is the dot on the right.


I love gorgeous views!


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Sharon said...

Wow!! So gorgeous and beautiful and stunning...and so hard to leave. Maybe you should have left in March during "second winter???"

Really like the picture of the back of you against the bench.