Sunday, July 20, 2014

Beautiful Places: Rebundake (Mt. Rebun)

Yesterday, I was early for the school festival, so I decided to get off the bus early and walk the rest of the way to school. I picked the Nairo stop, which just happened to drop me off here:


Hey, the entrance point to a hiking trail! The people who got off the bus with me were dressed in full hiking gear, even with ginormous backpacks. I was wearing capri pants, a school top, a light cardi, and pink shoes. No matter, I decided to go have a little peek.

Whoa! The trail was narrow and s-t-e-e-p! I paused, and put my shoes all the way on my feet.


Pretty flowers and a bottle green fly!


What is this flower? I don’t know, but I love its delicate petals.


I love this view.


The path!


Flowers and a boat headed in to port.


More flowers. I love the variety of flowers on Rebun.


Hello, butterfly!


When I came down and started walking to school, I got to see one of my favorite views of Rebun, and this one with a special guest!


Well, hello to you, too!

I’m glad I got off the bus where I did!

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