Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wildflower walk

This afternoon, I decided to go out for a walk. I wanted to walk near the Koetoi beach, so I took a bus out. By my bus stop, there is a profusion of daisies. 
Got off the bus a ways out of town, and just strolled off into the distance. 
It was a lovely afternoon. I saw lots of beautiful wildflowers. I think I saw 6 or 7 different types. 

And, I was especially excited to capture this orange beauty. 
The orange ones were all over today between the beach and the road. I was pleasantly surprised!

I also saw a police sign. Sometimes, they flash. 
I just sat at the edge of the road and surveyed the flowers, grass, water, and birds for a while. Relaxing!

The water was so gorgeous this afternoon.
Finally, I made my way back to the bus stop. 
Ah, a side of ham. 

Here comes the bus!
On the way back, I saw this exciting purple apartment. 
And look at all the daisies by my house!
What a nice day!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Enjoyed these so much! The vibrant gold flower--takes my breath away! Loved you looking up!

Odd it ever warm enough there to not need a sweater???