Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sand in my shoes

I'm sitting in the city library taking a little break from some boring work. Blogging is so much more fun!

Earlier, I went to my beach in Koetoi. There were a few people on it! That was weird. But I think the three groups were spread out over like, a kilometer. So we all definitely had our space. 
Ok, they are around here somewhere. Maybe the other direction. 

Oh, well.

Today, I've been thinking about dandelions. You have to admit that they are pretty cute, regardless of what they do to your lawn. 

Anyway, dandelions are nice and yellow, and then they turn into that ball of fluff. One way or another, those spores have to let go of their stalk. Some spores will float to a nearby location, others will soar far away on the wind. But they have to let go so they can continue the dandelion party. 

I walked over to take a June pic of my creepy building. 

When I left, I decided to take a different exit. No reason (I thought). 
Well, hello, all you dandelion poofs. 

And here is where I am now. I really like the city library. 
The view from the table where I was. 
Where I am now. 

The reason for this blog title
Hope you are all having great weekends!

*I thought this posted yesterday, but it didn't go!


Sharon said...

I liked the "my beach" comment--you have really taken root, haven't you? And now, it's time to see where God transplants you. Of course, the farmer is in charge of transplanting, and He knows exactly your next location and the timing of it. Well, I know part of it--at least 24 hours of it: Brandon, MS in August, cause JET HAS to return you!!!

Sharon said...

Your town seems to be such a rich mixture of country and city. Plus the buildings seem to built for beauty and for the view.