Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Cool Dad

Happy Father's Day!
I'm so thankful for my dad! Here are just a few things that are great about him:
1. He is a wonderful listener. I am a rambler, so this is not a small thing. 
2. He is genuine. 
3. He is fun and adventurous. You should see him bodysurf, even on a cold day!
4. He is encouraging. He always has something thoughtful or positive (or goofy) to say. 
5. He is joyful. His laugh is infectious!
I have a great dad! I'm so grateful for his loving and godly example. 

I love you, Dad!


Sharon said...

Hi Liz. This is your appreciative dad. Thanks for all the thoughtful words. It is easy to be a great dad when you have awesome and terrific kids. I really enjoyed the pictures. Those were wonderful times we had. I love you so much.


Sharon said...

What a delightful post, Elizabeth. You made me look at Jim through different eyes. Thanks.