Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Evening

It's just a city street. I walked down one bus stop since I am a few minutes early. 

How can I even describe the loveliness of this June evening?

As you can see, the sun is slowly making its way down. Ok, we are slowly turning away from the sun, if you want to be clear about it. The air is pleasantly cool, and the breeze tickles the back of my neck. It feels so good to be outside in an unzipped jacket. 

Here's the bus!

Looks like the usual suspects are on the bus this evening. Some older people, a stray student, a few young ladies, and the girl in the big white headphones. 

I'm never sure what to do on the bus. Should I read a book? Goof off with social media? Blog? Part of me always feels like I should soak in the ride. 

We just crossed the train tracks, and that area is quite green now. 

We are passing the first doc that I went to in Japan. Boy, that was a surprise. I couldn't believe the lack of privacy at the time. 

There's the coin laundry. It's a pain to get there, but handy when you have a laundry emergency. 

I can see a little peek of sea to the right. 

And the hospital. Ugh! Well, it's not that bad. After hours care is great! So cheap, too. But who wants to go to a hospital?

There's the city hall and my favorite udon shop. Mmm. For the udon, that is. 

Bye, gym! See you later!
Just a random pic. We are waiting at the station now. 

That blurry shop over there has great fruit. Expensive, but delicious! Sometimes, they have random Costco items. Like giant muffins. 

We just passed the bowling hall. Hey, if I bowl, does that make me a...oh, never mind. 

A bus just went by the other direction. The white-gloved drivers always wave to each other when the buses pass. 
Here is a failed shot of where I get my hair done. It's the building to the right. My right. Lol. 

There goes headphone girl. 

Somewhere around here is a delicious parfait shop. 

Well, this is a truck. 

Off the bus now and walking next to the SDF base. Maybe not the best thing to post a picture of. Hmm. 

Well, I'm going to walk and enjoy the evening now! Catch ya later!


Sharon said...

Such a fun and informative post. This whole series you have been doing the past month will fit great into our month long unit on Japan in August. Even the odd detail about bus drivers wearing white gloves and waving to each other was cool! I'd love to see a picture of that!

Sharon said...

I really like the pics of your town--everything is so different from what I am accustomed to.