Sunday, June 29, 2014

Birthday with friends

Today I celebrated my birthday with my ALT friends. We drove south to the town of Yuuchi and went to YuuYuu Farm, the cute place where you can choose your own coffee cup. 
Here are our cups. Can you guess which one I picked? Might be an interesting challenge. 
Mmm, potato crust pizza! 

After lunch, we went to a nearby garden. 
There was a long path that wound up and around a steep hill. 
There were all sorts of beautiful flowers. 
Look at all these!
At the top of the hill were several pretty views, even of Rishiri. 
And check out this sky!
And my face, looking at the pretty green, blue, and white. 
And cute friends!
Afterwards, we went back to Wakkanai and ate soft serve made from Wakkanai milk. So tasty. 
It was a really fun birthday celebration! And the day ended at a brass band concert put on by the local high school. 

A very good day!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Fabulous photos!! As for the coffee cups, my first pick for you was the one in back. As I thought more, I figured you might choose the odd one--the one I thought was a sand dollar but later realized it must be the leaf one you told me about. So am I right??

You are your mother's daughter mentioning the green, white, and blue combo! Did you do that on purpose??

Oh, my...the sea of flowers, the path, and the!

But the winner is...(not counting that beautiful girl's picture) is that scrumptious pizza--MINUS the Tabasco sauce!!