Friday, June 20, 2014

Adventures in the east

We woke up to rain this morning and scrapped our original plan. Not knowing what to do, we decided to pick a place and go from there. 

We drove to Akkeshi-cho and went to the michi no eki there. Browsed a bit. 
Next, we continued heading east and came to a cape. We had to park and walk. 
What to our wondering eyes did appear but about 15 deer!
This fellow was just relaxing and munching. 
The view from the cape was lovely, even in the fog and rain. 
Next, we found a wetland/plain area. 
It was a nice little walk, and there were some wildflowers mixed in. 
Then, we went to a farm to buy some milk. We thought it would be fun. It was bizarre, because it was a working farm. We bought milk, fruit milk, and coffee milk from a lady who was loading milk into a van.
Near the farm was another pretty view. 
 After the farm, we went to another cape - Cape Kiritappu. It was gorgeous!
The view was lovely. Waves and rocks. 
After that, we were so hungry. So, we headed to a farm restaurant, where we got risotto and all-you-can-drink milk. 
The milk came from cows behind the restaurant. It was delicious, and so was the risotto!

It was a great day of adventure, and it ended with a sushi dinner. Although we started the day with no expectations, we were amazed!


Sharon said...

Fun, fun, fun!! The best part was the caption "The view was lovely," and it came right next to the faces of 2 gorgeous women!

Are all these capes connected to the Pacific Ocean?

The views are magnificent--can't imagine seeing them in person. Can you hear the sound of the water?

Sharon said...

Is the last picture rice pudding with tomatoes??

Marie Acree said...

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