Saturday, June 7, 2014

A day in the wild

So today, some friends and I decided to meet, go to Toyotomi, and spend a chunk of the day in nature. 

When I got to my station, I discovered a surprise. My shoe has natural lighting!
I think it's time to say goodbye. 
Here comes the train!

When we got to Toyotomi, we gathered bikes and went to a cafe that served yummy mochi. Look at this cute door!
And delicious mochi!
After the mochi, we headed out on our bikes to the Sarobetsu plain. 
And we walked on a beautiful path through the wetlands. 
It was so nice and green and pretty. 
On the way back, we saw some cute cows. Toyotomi is famous for milk. 
We met up with a fourth ALT after our ride, and went down to the coast. There was an amazing line of light in front of Rishiri. 
It was a gorgeous evening, and the coast was so nice. 

We had dinner, chatted, hung out, and then the northern members of our little group headed off. The train ride home passed so quickly. 

It was a lovely Saturday. Good night!

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Sharon said...

I am sad about your shoe...they were so cute. Rishiri sunset is fabulous as are the cows!! The door to the cafe IS cute...the food, uhm, not so much.