Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Night School

As soon as I stepped out the front door into the warm sunshine of the day, I realized that I had committed a grave sartorial error. Surprisingly, my error had nothing to do with the weather. I often wander out the door in a heavy coat in warm weather or no coat in chilly weather, but this error was totally different.

Unlike my hair that enjoys daily dance parties, my trousers are fully devoted to the principles of gravity. I tied them up with a belt made of elastic (hey, I spent a lot of my childhood in Kentucky – what do you expect?), but gravity seems to be winning this war.

In addition, both of my tops have those hangar holders that like to escape. I really need to cut them off or something.

If I don’t move, I look great.

In other news, today is a glorious day in Wakkanai! I wish I were on a ferry today – it would be a perfect day to put on a jacket, sit on the deck, and let my legs soak in the sun.

I had some time in the office today. While walking to the office, I ended up in a small group of people headed for the building. I was hoping that we would end up with four people crossing the last street in a single file line. Every time that happens, I get a small giggle imagining that we are recreating the Beatles’ Abbey Road, or whatever it was.

But today, it was six people, and someone was out of the nice line. Guess he was in a hurry to get to work!

Today also involved a speedy trip to the post office and the drugstore. Apparently, some of the vitamin drinks have scorpion or something in them. This makes zero sense to me, and I dearly hope I misunderstood. But just in case, no thanks!

Here's a cute cover. 

I got to school early to meet with a student. Then I headed over to the evening division, met some new teachers, and chatted before school. 

School itself was nice - got to meet new students and eat a huge dinner in the school cafeteria. We had inarizushi, tempura, and udon with chicken and vegetables. And tea. 

After school, I headed home and realized that I could go to the gym for a short workout before it closed. Grabbed my stuff and hit the walking pool. Caught the last bus home, packed for tomorrow, and picked out 30 things to throw/give away. 

Good night! My alarm is set for 4:05 AM. 


Sharon said...

Love the cheery tulips and the color-filled building! But I must admit my vocab is not up to sartorial. Are you saying you did not dress for the weather or your pants are falling down???

Sharon said...

Oops...the bright building was in the other post--this is the one with the delicate sunset photo--nice job!