Monday, May 5, 2014


I just arrived home from a long and luxurious vacation.



It’s a strange thought. Running through the cold rain with my luggage to get home, it struck me. This ancient apartment, tucked away in the distant north of Hokkaido, has been the place that I’ve lived the longest as an adult.


It’s the place to which I always return, whether I’ve made a short jaunt to the gym or a long haul voyage to my other home.


I know its little quirks. If you use the oven and a space heater at the same time, you will blow out the power. But there are several excellent out of the way closets that are great for storage.

It has been my hospital for two bouts of flu and a place for several rounds of guests.IMG_6910IMG_6829IMG_4939

Sometimes, it is a refuge from the demands of the world and sometimes it is a holding pen I pace restlessly.IMG_1507

But mostly, it is just home.


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Sharon said...

Really liked this post. So glad you were able to make a home out of your house.