Friday, April 4, 2014


All day yesterday, it continued to snow. It was so pretty to watch from the windows of my office. 

Today, it switched over to a blizzard. Wow! Wind! Snow! It's been something else! It was quite thick against my boots tonight. 

Tonight, we had our section welcome party for the new folks at the BOE. It felt a little strange, because it's Tmy last section welcome party. That topic kept coming up. I kept thinking, nooooo. 

But anyway, I enjoyed getting to know my new coworkers. They seem really nice. I'm looking forward to the next 4 months working in the same office. 

We went to Haruki Chaya, the place with the yummy shijimi ramen. All the food was delicious. Another welcome party tomorrow and next week. 

If we can dig out of the snow!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Maybe the extra snow is the weather's way of saying good bye to you??? Or maybe, when you are sweltering in Mississippi heat and humidity in just 16 weeks, the extra snow will be a cooling memory???