Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Showa Day

Happy Showa no hi! It’s also a good friend’s birthday. Three of us met at a local coffee shop this morning to celebrate. We got the shop’s morning set:


Boiled eggs and giant toast!


We all wandered around town for a while after eating our giant toast and drinking coffee. Eventually, we all went our separate ways.

The day was absolutely lovely, and I had quite a bit of energy. So, I decided to go for a walk. IMG_1783

I wandered up into the hills behind Wakkanai, and made my way to the park.IMG_1789

I kept on going, and headed up, up, up to the 100 year memorial tower. The winds were so strong! Hiking up a hill into strong winds is not easy!


Wind face!

I eventually made my way to the top and found this nice little spot for sitting.


I sat there for as long as I could, just enjoying the exquisite view of the sea.IMG_1791

After a while, I moved to sit behind a hill. There was a teeny bit more shelter from the wind there, and I sat and read for a while. Eventually, my hands were frozen, so I made my way back down, down, down.

On the way, I saw ferries heading out to the islands.


I also saw a whole bunch of deer grazing.

It was a beautiful day to be outside!

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Sharon said...

Absolutely loved the photo diary--especially your sweet and beautiful face. The Wakkanai photos from the hill are amazing---almost as amazing as the THICK toast. Yum!!!