Monday, April 28, 2014

April in Wakkanai

It's lunchtime at the BOE, and I'm just chillaxing at my desk (does anyone say that anymore?). 

Spring in Wakkanai is kind of a transitional period. We've just finished a glorious winter, and we know that a brilliantly lush summer is just around the corner. 

There is a strange beauty in this time, if you look for it. It's easy to want this period to hurry by - after all, it's too late for skiing and too early for park golf. 

However, there is something about this time that feels like a holy pause. 

There's a catch of breath as we move from one season to the next. 

I almost imagine a whisper. "Just wait. We've come from something amazing. And we are getting ready to go into something better than you can imagine."

"But just for now, wait.

Enjoy the anticipation as everything is reset, and get ready to be blown away. 

But now, wait and enjoy the stillness."


Sharon said...

Look at that sand dollar!!! Hmmm...and I think the words you just wrote don't apply just only to the seasons.

Sharon said...

Read this post to your brother, and the message deeply touched him.