Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wakkanai local foods

Lately, my friend and I have been eating a lot of food at local restaurants. I’m going to be broke soon, but it will be worth it. Please feel free to send care packages.
One thing we wanted to eat was shijimi ramen – ramen with a kind of freshwater clam. We went to the restaurant that is famous for shijimi ramen on Thursday night.
It was the best ramen I have ever eaten. I know that sounds funny, but ramen in Japan is totally different from the dried 25 cent packs that students eat. Here it is:
Perhaps you’d like to see it closer:

The broth was buttery and delicious. Ramen selfie!
While we were eating, we picked up a magazine that highlighted local foods around Hokkaido. We found the shop where we were in there. Here is a picture of shijimi ramen with a picture of shijimi ramen.
On the cover of the magazine was a picture that made me instantly drool. I am a cheese fiend.
We looked it up, just to see what lucky town got to have such a beautiful cheesy dish.
As you may have guessed, the restaurant was a Wakkanai restaurant. But, we were shocked. It was immediately determined that this dish needed to be eaten post-haste.
The next day, we went to Dino’s, home of the cheesy dish, before going to the gym. Don’t ask. The cheesy dish is actually called a sloppy joe. And it is incredibly huge. I could only eat half. But, it is not a sloppy joe as we know it. This one is a giant bun with a giant hamburger patty in the middle. Tomato sauce is on top, and the whole thing is smothered in cheese.
Dino’s is also famous for the American Army burger. I think it got its name because one can feed the entire army. Here’s one more close up of the sloppy joe.
I’m glad that I tried it, but I am completely content to not eat it again! Thankfully, I didn’t sink in the pool class at the gym (maybe because the water is only waist deep).

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Sharon said...

What an extraordinary culinary adventure you and your friend have been on! The hamburger looks decadently scrumptious, but the soup full of shells, well, not so much. However, the spoons look fun to use--maybe I wouldn't drip so much down my chin!