Monday, March 17, 2014

Another snow adventure

I went on another train snow adventure. Yep, one of those 6:24 train ones. It actually happened the day before the one where I got the train video.

For this adventure, I explored the Tokumitsu stop. When I got off the train, I was surprised to see that I was at the entrance to a big road. But I thought that if I poked around a while, I would find some interesting stuff. Here are some things I found:
When I got back to Wakkanai, I went to Banka (one of my favorite cafes) for the breakfast set. What a great way to end the morning!
An hour later, I went out to the Snowland with three friends.

Winter is really fun, if you have a plan!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Wow! The pics are superb! Thank you, sweet Elizabeth for posting them. The toast is amazing---is it stuffed with something??

The sky is an unreal blue color, isn't it?