Saturday, October 26, 2013


Oh, how I love weekends. Today was an especially good day. I got new glasses. My friends wanted to see a pic, so I tried to take one of myself. 
It was harder than I thought. 

Going to the glasses shop today was kind of fun. They served tea while I was getting the glasses fitted. I got to choose a case, and since we have more freedom to be cute here, I picked out a Hello Kitty case. Then, I got a color analysis! There was a style consultant in the shop today. I've always wanted a color analysis, so I was excited. I came out as spring. Time to go shopping for some lime green shirts. Heehee. 

After the glasses expedition, I came home and met my friend. We drove to one of the outlying areas of Wakkanai, and found a cool farm restaurant for lunch. 
That's a field of cabbage in the foreground. :-)

The food was really delicious! 
We got two meals and split them, because both the local beef burger and the pizza sounded really yummy. 
They also had self-service salad and the most amazing tomatoes I've tasted in a long time. Years. 
But my favorite thing may have been the self-service coffee. Not just for the coffee, but because you got to choose your own mug from a sea of gorgeously unique cups and saucers. 
Here's mine!
On our way back, the sky was beautiful. 
I love autumn skies!

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Sharon said...

What a magnificent Saturday!

Serving tea while fitting glasses??? A most 'fitting" idea.

The pizza looks scrumptious...and Jim noticed there was no corn!

I am really impressed by the out of the box coffee cups. There doesn't seem to be a need for uniformity or brand name exposure--just a desire for beauty and to please each patron's individual tastes.

You look delicious in those purple frames. Are they spring?? Am I spring? I seem to have a vague memory of that.