Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall adventures

Today couldn't have been lovelier. The winds have been quite high for a few days, but I woke up to a sunny morning dawning. 
Took a walk in the morning, an then came home for a round of ukulele practice. I'm currently working on a version of Finlandia. It is very slowly starting to sound like music. 

After that, I took my book to McDonald's and had breakfast. I love breakfast at Mac. I don't have it too often, but it's so nice when I do. Ah. 

Then, I caught a bus bound north to Cape Soya. It was the best kind of trip - one where I struggle between treating myself to a delicious book or treating myself to the gorgeous sights sliding past my window. I usually end up with a happy medium. 
The sea from my bus window. 

I disembarked at Cape Soya, slung my backpack over my shoulders, and headed out. I decided to walk for a while to see what I could discover. I didn't find much, but I did wind up at Japan's northernmost post office. 
Oh, and I found where I want to live. A little dollhouse addition to a real house!

I also found myself intrigued by the color and texture of this wall. 

Eventually, I found myself back at Cape Soya. I was surprised to see so many tourists. 

I was tickled by the tourists in full-on down winter coats. Today was windy, but I think it was either in the upper 50's or lower 60's. Not that cold. 
Here's ye olde monument. 

After looking around and doing a little Christmas shopping, I retreated to the bus shelter. 
As you can see, it looks like the monument. This shelter actually turned out to be quite brilliant, because I could sit in the front right window and enjoy my book and the scenery without the wind. I could even open the window without the wind blasting in. 
Here I am, looking out the window pensively. 
I did a little more walking around before my bus came, an even got in a chat with home. This picture is from the top of the world, looking down on creation. Can you name that tune?
This one is back on the bus heading home. The water was an amazing pale green color - so beautiful to watch. 

By the time I got home, I was so tired. But I didn't want to waste valuable sunlight. Here in cloudy Hokkaido, sunshine is a precious commodity. So, I curled up in a sunny corner of the living room, read my book, and ate an amazing peach. 
This is a seating corner that I made. 

After a while, I decided to go on my third walk of the day. And I saw some pretty sights!
I love these plants. And the sun made them gorgeous in person. 
I waited around for a long time to catch the train headed out!

Finally, I ended the day with delicious sushi with my friends!
We had fun and ate a lot!

It was really a great Saturday! Tomorrow, I'm headed south to a school festival. Hope I can get up for the train!


Becky said...

I like the pictures you've got on this blog. Especially the train pic!

Sharon said...

The house is marvelous. I can picture you living there!

So fun seeing you enjoying a meal with friends...but thumbs down to the raw fish. :)

Your cozy corner by the window is adorable--and I really mean that word--with the bears and the sunshine--guess i wouldn't want to move from that spot.

The pensive picture has to be one of the top ever photos of you. It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good--and makes me think about you--the real you. Does this blather make any sense??

Sharon said...

The backpack at your feet and the perky pink cap add a great deal to what the photo shouts: "Here's a woman who is unafraid to tackle adventure--but still values the quiet and still moments of reflection and appreciation of what is around."

You are truly blooming where God has planted you, sweet daughter.