Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Hope of Everyone...and me

Yesterday, one of the sumo participants named himself "The Hope of Everyone." Unfortunately, he did not last, as he was paired against a mountain of a man. Anyway, today The Hope of Everyone was on my same train! We had a good chat for part of the long journey.

Our usual midday train is broken, so the railroad company is running two local train cars hooked together. They are a little fancier than our usual local trains, but not by much.

As more people got on the train, more of my stuff migrated overhead. It didn't get completely crowded, though. Upgrading to the Super Kamui in Asahikawa was like moving into the lap of luxury. Comfy seats! Air conditioning! The Super Kamui is the middle pic, and the 4 hour train is on each end.

Tomorrow it's off to the wilderness for me. It's time for English camp!

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