Monday, July 29, 2013

An evening in Wakkanai

A cruise ship came to town, and everyone is in a tizzy. There was a drawing for tours and everything. I guess the ship is traveling around the world.

Last night after church, we decided to go down and look. Half the town was there! We started laughing when someone said that the tourists became the tour attraction. And let me tell you, it has been a while since I garnered so many stares! No, I'm not one of the ship passengers.

We also tried to see how many waves we could get. We got 4.5, I think. One man was motioning something to his friends from the deck of the ship, so he was the .5.

The evening finished with a fireworks show. The sound ricocheted off the boat, so I felt like I was in a fireworks sandwich. BTW, I am horrible at taking fireworks photos. I will give you an example.

While leaving, we were stuck in a Wakkanai traffic jam. Very rare!

The whole thing was just so funny to me. Guys! A big boat is here! Let's all go gawk! Everyone: OK!

I wonder if it was weird for the passengers, or if they are used to it.

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Sharon said...

I love, love, love this! I like all the obvious excitement about the ship.