Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Calf brains, vegan hamburgers, and Mitch McConnell.

Just a few of the things that went into my NaNo-ing today.

Today was an interesting day. I was eager to see the results come in. They really stared rolling in while I was on a train, and (thank you, phone), I got a notification as soon as the election was called. Very convenient. I was sitting at my desk when I saw the message flash across the screen.

It has been fascinating to monitor Facebook. About half the people in my news feed are ecstatic, and the other half are sure we are doomed. It's nice to have a mixed feed like that. Honestly, there are some really fantastic people on both sides. Conversely, there are some really less-than-fantastic people on each side as well.

But anyway, I'm up past my bedtme again. But I only got home a half hour ago (I left at 6:24 this morning). Tomorrow, I might be going to Rishiri. There is a chance the return ferry will be cancelled, based on the weather in the morning. Please pray for me! Because if they are thinking about cancelling, that probably means rough seas ahead.

Here's a picture of my school lunch the other day. We had curry udon, a cheese croquette, and fruit salad for dessert. You can click on the picture if you wnt to see it bigger. :-)

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Sharon said...

Yummy looking school lunch! So glad the ferry was cancelled--no rushed trips to the ladies room.

Enjoyed our brief political chat the other night.