Saturday, November 10, 2012

A cosy coffee shop night

Mmmm, right now, I am experiencing a perfect moment. You know, that second where things couldn't be lovelier if they tried. These moments don'talways last long, but they should definitely be appreciated. Let me try to paint a picture for you (even though my painting skills leave much to be desired).

It's a cold night in Wakkanai, but I'm happily ensconced in the corner seat at the counter in a cozy cafe. The corner seat is tucked up against a half wall, so I have a clear view of the kitchen, but the rest of the shop can't see me. A vase of pretty flowers sits in the corner where I am. Jazz music plays overhead. A clear glass teapot and a clear cup and saucer are on the counter in front of me. The teapot held hot apple tea, but all of it has been transferred to the cup, and nearly all of it to me. A slice of cheesecake sits next to the tea, given to me by the mama-san of the shop, who sits at the other end of the counter, also with cheesecake and a newspaper. I'm working on my NaNoWriMo Project of Doom, or at least I was until I started writing this post. I have a sweet card from home, which I brought to enjoy here.

Really, I'm quite content. My NaNo project may be kicking me down the street, but I have cheesecake and apple tea. And zero guilt, because I didn't order the cheesecake! Grin.

Haha..more food just showed up! Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned that my house is broken. I just got a croquette and 2 chicken nuggets.

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Elizabeth said...

After writing the above, I met one of my students and wound up chatting for a long time - that was lovely, too!

Yes, I'm commenting instead of editing. Heh.

Sharon said...

I don't believe I have ever seen a clear teapot and cup. So delicate and beautiful. And what a nice shopkeeper to bestow all that food upon you.