Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cafe Vega

When I visit Rishiri Island, I often like to make a stop by Cafe Vega. Actually, it's where I am as I'm writing this. Cafe Vega is a cosy coffee shop tucked down one of the side streets in Kutsugata, one of the larger settlements on the island. It's a short walk from my hotel.

I've been here many times, with teachers, friends, and sometimes by myself. And there was one particularly special visit here - I've even been here with my brother. So this cafe has lots of good memories for me.

The shopkeepers here are always really friendly, so I especially like coming here when it's cold and I need somewhere fun and warm. The menu has a wide variety of drinks and sandwiches. And they have one of the best pizzas I've eaten in Japan. I think I've told you about this pizza. It comes with tentacles. But it's still delicious. Plus, I can't eat the whole thing, so I will automatically have lunch for tomorrow. Yay!

And, sometimes I get extra treats! For example, tonight I was surprised to receive some frozen yogurt with mountain grape jam. Mmmmm. The yogurt was tangy and creamy, and the jam provided a sweet complement.

I recommend that you visit Cafe Vega on your next trip to Rishiri Island!

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Sharon said...

I think my comment on this post disappeared as I remember saying how yummy the pizza looks---and then reading later about the tentacles---ugh! Just don't understand how you can consume tentacles and other weird animal parts...but it sure does look good. Hmmm, time to reread the Scripture on not judging by the outer appearance!!! :)