Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday is Funday: Part 1 - Festival

**Warning! This post contains mildly disgusting content for certain Westerners**

I had a great chat with my family via Google Hangouts this morning. Mom showed me Mississippi hummingbirds, and I was able to take them almost all the way into the city bus with me. Haven't we come a long way with technology?

Because I was busy chatting, I didn't really pay attention to the weather. When I got to the bus stop, I realized that a jacket would have been a good idea. But it was too late!

I got to the festival, and pretty quickly realized that I was kind of cold. So when I saw someone buy a steaming bowl of soup, I thought that looked like a good solution.

I bought a bowl and sat down. The meat looked a little odd, but I couldn't quite place it. Then, I met an acquaintance from the gym and her husband. "Oh," she mentioned. "That's stomach, or something."

Sure enough, I looked it up later, and my dictionary translated it as "gizzards, guts, or entrails."

I've eaten something similar in yakiniku, but for some reason, this particular situation just kind of struck me as funny.

Ah, well. Where else can you get a steaming hot bowl of entrail stew at a festival.

The good news is that I was able to get a bowl of crab nabe. It was only available for the first 500 people in line. And there was quite a line!

After all the crazy festival food, we retreated into the station for coffee. Then, after all that, I went to my gym for a special class. It was really funny, because it was a class via animated video that incorporated dance moves from several different pop songs. I think it was the first time for everyone, and we all looked pretty goofy, if I do say so myself.

There is a famous pop song in Japan called Choo Choo Train, and the signature move of the dance is when the group moves into a straight line and kind of does a circular move. That move was a part of the class, but in our original spots. The second time, the live instructor/coordinator yelled for us all to make the line. So all 10 of us clumsy dancers flew across the studio and started doing our best Exile impressions. It was both fun and funny!

Here's a link to the way the move is supposed to look.

You'll probably have to copy and paste, because I don't know how to make links in mobile Blogger. Sorry! Anyway, you will know when they get to the move, because the cheering will escalate. They look better than we did, but we made up for it with enthusiasm.

After class, I met my friend and we went back to the festival. We had more delicious food and then bought some fruit and juice. It was kind of funny, because they kept giving me free fruit. Maybe I was inadvertently doing my street urchin impression again. I don't know. After that, we walked to another festival a street over. There was an awesome juggler/dancer doing his routine. It was so cool to see utter awe on some of the faces of the kids in the audience. Then the juggler started walking around towards different people. He also walked over to us, and was right in our faces. I was a little afraid he was going to drop something on our heads. But he didn't!

The next part of the day will be continued in the next installment. I'm happy to tell you that it involves no bowls of steaming entrails.


Sharon said...

Entrail soup---yup, mildly disgusting! I loved the juggling part.

Yay for you for joining in the impromptu Choo-choo.

Glad you got your crab. :)

Sharon said...

Just watched part of the video clip. The choo choo part is cool--wonder how people come up with ideas like that??