Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hi, little buddy

I saw this lovely little flower growing today, and its color made me think of the coming fall. I'm already looking forward to free air conditioning.

But I will miss running outside! And short sleeves (even though the sun is really too powerful to enjoy wearing them much). And all the flowers!

Each season has its good points, though. Fall brings cozy sweaters and warm drinks. Winter brings the glorious snow that awes me every time it falls. Winter Part Deux? That's just kind of yucky. But spring comes again, and eventually, the north bursts into green.

I think my favorite is fall, though. How about you?


Becky said...

Summer!!!!! And I'm so not ready for it to be over, it's way too short. I'm not ready to say goodbye to warm weather, long days, the ability to just hangout outside and not freeze. Can I have another couple of weeks, pretty, pretty please? :)

Sharon said...

Early fall has always been my favorite season--comfortable temperatures, dazzling colors, campfires, and cocoa.