Monday, September 10, 2012

First night

Hi, folks! Kori here, coming to you live from our hotel in Rumoi.

We arrived in Rumoi a little after 6:30. It was dark and drizzly. Getting off a bus in a strange city after dark is a really odd feeling. Not bad! I think I would describe it as disorienting. It actually took me a while to think of that. I'm glad I was around to protect Liz, though.

We had a pretty good map, so we found the hotel without incident. I just hope we can find our way back to the bus.

It's a great hotel, I think! The room is just my size!

Liz was kind of hungry after we checked in, so she headed out to get some dinner. I wasn't hungry. As usual, I was stuffed. That's a joke we plush toys like to toss around. I stayed behind to get some work done, as you can see. Here's a pic of Liz's dinner as well. She was especially excited about the watermelon.

Well, tomorrow's a big day, so it is time to get in some quality hibernation. Good night, all!


Sharon said...

Hi, Kori. Thanks for this great report. Tell Liz that her meal pic looks great--the main course looks yummy.

Sharon said...

Kori, I figured you might say you could "bear"ly eat. :)