Sunday, September 9, 2012

Exploring: Off roading

As I was walking, I came to a very tempting side road. So, I headed down to explore a little ways.

I passed a farm, and the road kept going.

Just a little more...

The little more turned into a few hours. It was so lovely and remote back on the woods. But I was worried about getting eaten by a bear. I put on my bear bell, and I didn't see any bears, so it must have worked. Hahahaha.

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Sharon said...

These photos were stunning. The self photo of you is beautiful beyond words--perfect smile and an appearance of true joy in your eyes. I like the composition of your landscapes, Liz. 3 and 4 are really marvelous. I think I am running out of adjectives that even come close to describing my admiration of you and your abilities!! All of these would make wonderful paintings--especially the 2nd from the end.