Sunday, September 9, 2012

Exploring Horonobe, the final part

Ok, I'm now going backwards through yesterday's trip, but why not?

The final segment of my trip was a four mile hike along the road to Horonobe. It was still quite pretty, though. The clouds were fluffy, the sky was blue, and I could even see Rishiri. The pic with Rishiri and the sea was from the train home. The other one was from my walk.

The shoes are me standing on the 45 degree line. I like that crossing, for some reason.

The other pics are just things along my walk. :-D

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Sharon said...

What are the giant marshmallows in pic 1? Number 3 is too gorgeous to be real!!!

Are those silos in number 7? If so, do all the farmers paint their farm buildings? I think it adds a cheeriness.

Is the cow a mailbox?

Thank you a million times for sharing all these slices of rural Japanese life with us. I can't imagine how difficult the process is without a computer--just using your phone.