Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let’s go to the park!


Hi, there! It’s me again – your new friend, Korilakkuma. There’s nothing quite like a perfect summer evening, especially after a long, cold winter and spring. Am I right?

Well, one pretty place to go after work to enjoy the evening (it’s a hard life for a bear ) is Wakkanai Park. The park is downtown, so it means that we get to ride the bus there. Yay!

Wakkanai Park
Directions: Get on a bus heading toward Noshappu. Get off at 神社前. Then, head straight up until your legs fall off. Or get someone to carry you up the hill in a purse. I’m telling you, this is a great method, especially if you have really short legs like I do.

At the park, there are memorials from the time Japan was at war with Russia. IMG_1567IMG_1595
The first one is in memory of 9 female radio operators, and the second is remembering those separated from their homes in the conflict. You can find more detailed information online, but these things are complicated to discuss on a blog.

There are tons of pretty spots all around the park. Here are some of my favorites:


And, of course, what is more fun to do at a park than read a good book?


Ah, it has been a great evening. Time for a little reflection as the sun begins to set.


I hope to see you on our next grand adventure together! I wonder where we will go?


Sharon said...

Oh, wow! I never knew there was such a beautiful park so near your home. I think I just always think snow when I think of Wakkanai.

Please tell your friend, Liz, that I love, love, love this new idea to let you show us around town!! I hope you take many trips in the near future--and NOT the Dick Van Dyke type trips!

Kori, are you in every picture? I could locate you in several. I especially liked the one of you and your Kindle. Have you read Goldilocks and the Three Bears yet?

Tell Liz that I thought it was amazingly creative to take a picture with you facing away from the camera--like looking over your shoulder. I would have never thought to take that perspective.

Besides the gorgeous trees and flowers, your park is surrounded by a sea!! Wow! The evening sunlight glinting through the yellow flowers is spectacular. Your friend is an excellent photographer.

Well, thanks for this tour report. I can "bear"ly wait for the next one.

aquamaureen said...

Loved meeting Kori!