Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hi, everybody!


Konnichiwa, everyone! My friend Liz asked me to come here and tell you about some of my favorite places around town. She said she was busy, but I have my suspicions. She got some DVDs for her birthday…mhmmm.

Anyway, my name is Korilakkuma. It means Little Rilakkuma. What? Rilakkuma means Relax Bear, of course. I kind of thought everyone knew that.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I’m a pretty popular character in Japan. If you come, you will see me and my friends in lots of places!

So, with that, let’s start our tour of town.


Cape Side
Directions: Leave the house, turn right, turn left at the sidewalk, walk to the stoplight, turn right, and walk for 2 minutes. Or, get someone to carry you in a bag. I like this method best.

Cape Side is a cute café that serves the world’s most powerful cup of coffee. Ask Liz about the cup she had at 6pm one night. Mmmhmm!

Usually, I sit at the counter. I’ve met lots of new friends sitting at the counter, and I can chat with Yukiko, the shop owner.

Or, I can read the paper!

One of the things I like about this café is that it serves breakfast. Breakfast at restaurants is pretty rare here.

So this morning, I ordered the morning set so I could share it with you. Well, sorry that you can’t actually eat it. Here it is!


Wow, how am I going to fit all that in my little bear tummy?

The first plate has toast and a roll, and the second plate has salad, ham, eggs, and little sausages.

Next time you come to town, let’s go together! Everyone will be happy to see you there!




In the next installment, I’ll take you to the park. It’s really pretty in the summer!


Sharon said...

Can I call you Kori for short, or will that offend you?? I love these tours! However, I was kinda dumb at first because I saw your 2nd one before this one. In it you said you liked buses but mostly rode in bags. I couldn't figure it out for a long time--how Liz would ride in a bag. Then I looked down and here was this post introducing yourself. things make sense.

I remember Liz's evening coffee---when she was cheerfully chatting at 1:00 in the morning!

Breakfast looks yummy, and I think your coffee cup is beautiful! Please tell Yukiko she has lovely dishes!

aquamaureen said...

Hey, Kori . . .I wonder what people think when they see Liz taking your picture so often . . .