Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A very brief review of my trip, part uno



I flew on Peach airlines for the first time. It’s a new LCC in Japan, and very pink. So cute!



As soon as I got to Osaka, I went to see Osaka Castle. I thought it would be lame, because it basically is a reproduction, but it was surprisingly beautiful.


And there were flowers everywhere! Everything was green and so pretty.


After the castle, I ate takoyaki, which is kind of like hush puppies made with…erm, octopus. They are surprisingly delicious.

Now, the capsule hotel! Pretty sweet, eh?




Well, I didn’t make it as far as I would have liked, but I’m going to post this chunk and get some sleep. Though not in a capsule!


Dulcinea said...

NIce pics Liz! You look like you are waiting for someone to come adopt you:)

Sharon said...

The pictures are fabulous. The first commenter is correct--you do look like a pet shop resident! For some reason, I hadn't thought about castles in Japan.

aquamaureen said...

oh dear gussy . . . I got claustrophobic just looking at the pictures . . I didn't think "pet shop" so much as "mausoleum"!!!!