Saturday, March 24, 2012


When I came to Japan, I didn’t particularly enjoy eating seafood with the head attached. Then I discovered Hokke, a type of fish that is split in half down the middle, grilled, and then eaten with shredded daikon radish and/or soy sauce.
I’m not so skilled at cooking fish, so I asked my friend how to cook it. She told me how, so the next day (this was a few weeks ago) I bought some Hokke at the store, and opened the package.
Now, if you had asked me before, I probably would have realized that Hokke still has its head. But I didn’t really really realize that until I opened the package.
But I cooked it anyway, and it was DELICIOUS! And, not gonna lie, I felt a much closer connection with my dinner and where it came from than I usually do.
It helped too, because when I went to Sounkyo recently with my friends, I accidentally wound up ordering a whole fish for dinner. And I ate it!

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Sharon said...

I can't believe you COOKED the whole thing! Ugh. You didn't eat the head, did you? If I pretend not to see the head, it actually looks tasty.

I am so proud of you.