Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dogs and snow

Today, we took in part of the Japan Cup – dogsled races held out here the last weekend in February.


Unfortunately, we missed the bus that would have taken us straight there, so we caught another bus and then hoofed it for about a mile to get to the park. We got to see doggies run. Then, we got roped into 2 interviews. Two embarrassing interviews, that is. I hope that footage never sees the light of day.

After the races (and eating pork spareribs), we made our way back to Wakkanai on the proper bus. Then, we chilled for a few minutes, and made our way back to the snow park we went to last week.

The snow park has lots of fun things to do. Today, we went snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and snow rafting. It was a lot of fun!CIMG5886

Here we are in the snow raft of ridiculous awesomeness. You ride in an inflatable raft behind a snowmobile. We may or may not have caught some air in our raft. Yes. Airborne snow rafting. Try not to be too jealous.


And here we are, ready to take on the snowmobiling course. Look out!

It’s sad that today was our last full day together, but we sure had a lot of fun!

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Sharon said...

This is SOOO fascinating. I for one would enjoy seeing the interviews! My kids at a dog sled race! How utterly strange.

The snowmobiling and rafting look like a lot of fun!

So glad you all recovered enough to enjoy the snow.