Saturday, December 3, 2011


I’ve never really had a locker of my own. Being homeschooled, it wasn’t exactly necessary. When I came to Japan, I found out that most teachers at the schools I visit and even the staff members of the Board of Education have their own lockers. I was a teensy bit jealous, I have to admit.

Things do get a little ridiculous in the winter especially, because I usually end up surrounded by a pile of winter gear. But, I’ve been doing this for over two years now, so I’m pretty accustomed to the way things are.

Well, last week, I visited the night branch of my biggest high school. I shed my layers of winter apparel, and set them on the couch next to me. Imagine my surprise when my JTE told me that I had a locker! He seemed a little hesitant, and mentioned something about the men’s locker room. That seemed a little strange to me…

He told me he would show me where it was, so I followed him out of the staff room. He stopped in front of the men’s locker room, opened the door, and told me I could come in. I peeked in the room to where he was pointing, and yep. Sure enough, there was a locker marked ALT in the men’s locker room.

I think Captain Picard sums it up best:618px-JeanLucPicardFacepalm

My JTE did also seem kind of confused about the whole thing, I have to say! It wasn’t just me who found the situation a little odd.


Becky said...

Ha ha ha!! Was your pred male?

Sharon said...

You have been there over two years without a locker, so this locker must be a "new" thing--not inherited from last ALT. WHY would they assign you to the men's room???

Well, it makes a good memory. Do you think you will ever use your locker?