Monday, July 25, 2011

Greetings from the cave!

I’m currently chilling in a hostel in Sapporo – tomorrow I’ll be headed off to a seminar. This hostel is really fun for one major reason – the beds are like little forts! Each bottom bunk has a curtain you can draw and a little lamp inside for light. So, I’m happily tucked away into my little fort with my root beer and bottle of water. And of course, my computer. What more could you ask for!110725_2106~01

The futon is kind of standing up behind the computer – kinda looks like a weird chair or something.

I wonder if my roommates are wondering about the strange typing sounds coming from my fort – better than the sounds of a Snickers bar.

Well, good night!

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Sharon said...

Oh, Lizzie...I cackled when I read the "Snicker bar" part. Such terrific memories. What kind of conference?