Monday, July 4, 2011

10, 20, 30…

The summer I turned 10, I spent my first week at sleep away camp. I went to the Girl Scout camp that was only a few miles from home. For me, it might as well have been on another planet. I was miserable. On the first day, I got confused during the swim test and wound up a red cap – humiliating. I don’t remember much about my cabin mates, I just have a sense that I thought they were a little strange. I went windsurfing one day, but I was too little to get the sail out of the water (my counselor did let me ride on the end of the board at the end of the lesson while she sailed back). But the worst part? I was horribly homesick all week. Every day during rest time, I would mourn my new life in this weird new land. And my poor parents – I wrote the most miserable postcards home, begging my parents to come rescue me. If I remember correctly, they were in a class at this time, and the other parents advised them that I would be fine (eventually). Sure enough, in spite of that week, I became enamored of camp and went back time and time again.IMG_4842

The summer I turned 20, I worked at a camp in Ohio. Most weeks, I had a cabin full of 7-9 year old girls. It was tons of fun, and I had great times with each group – including the homesick ones. I sure felt like I had come full circle when I had a cabin full of crying girls one night. Who knew homesickness was contagious? I remember sitting on the floor of the cabin, comforting and chatting and getting everyone through the night. There were two who were probably as homesick as I was my first summer at camp, and yet they too survived the week. They actually came back the next week with their mom and brought me a little present. I had a slightly more difficult week that week, but their visit really warmed my heart.

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This summer, I turned 30, and I am living in Japan. And guess what? I’m homesick again!! I’m glad I didn’t know this would happen when I was 10! I would have had even more to be mournful about. And if you had told me 10 years ago that in 10 years I would be the homesick one, I would have laughed from under my pile of campers.


Oh, well. It looks like things can go around more than once! I’ll get through being homesick, and life will be good again. And it’s only about 24 weeks or so until I get to see my peeps! I solemnly promise I was not counting weeks specifically for that purpose…

*BTW, these pictures are not really related to the post – they just had good homesick vibes.


Sharon said...

Well, I replied to your tweet, but I do not know where tweet replies land!

Sharon said...

Sean and I responded to this blog post via your voice mail. I'll write more later. Just know I love you and feel my arms squeezing you in a tight hug.

Dad said...

Hi Sweetie,

I wish I was there to give you a giant hug. Here is one any way. Hug. I love you so much and know that you will make it through this time also. Have a great week and we will talk to you Friday.