Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Eve

I’m 29. Tomorrow sometime, I will graduate from the twenties and move into the thirties. ACK! I still haven’t quite figured out how the birthday thing works when you are way out of your birth time zone.

It doesn’t quite seem possible that I can be entering this oh-so-grownup decade. For Pete’s sake, I still forget to buy toilet paper.

Anyway, for about 8 years, I’ve been a little concerned that entering the 30’s would bring a metamorphosis of anchorwoman hair and soccer mom style. So, I’ve decided to document the process for posterity.

Here I am as of this morning:


In other thoughts, if you HAVE to turn 30, it is kind of fun to do it in an exotic land. AND I get to ride the train AND go to Zumba tomorrow. What more could a girl ask for?


Becky said...

Well, at 29, you're still gorgeous! I don't think 30 will magically change that :)

Sharon said...

The forgetting to buy toilet paper syndrome does not ever disappear!

You look lovely standing there poised on the brink of an exciting new decade! I cannot begin to imagine all that God has planned for you!