Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The big day

I got up early on my birthday to see if I had been transformed into an anchorwoman. No! Hurray! Although, I kind of already knew since I had been on the phone with my mom past midnight. :)

My neighbors were running around, so I had to go into the back to take my pic. We go for the natural land look around here, huh.


Birthday breakfast! Homemade yogurt and chocolate cake! I did not make the coffee.


Birthday lunch. Yes, it was as “delicious” as it looks.


But, a nice family had me over for birthday cake after Zumba! Yes, one of my favorite birthday-type cakes! Yummm….


So, it was a lovely day, and the day after I got to have a fun party with home! It was still my birthday in the States, so it was totally in extended celebration.

Well, gotta get to work!


Sharon said...

How unique! What a creative way to record such an important birthday! The yogurt looks yummy as does the cake and berries. But I think I am not eager to try the mixed vegetables or the sauce containing large items! :)

Sharon said...

Love love love this gorgeous picture of a young woman filled with eagerness and zest for life!

Elizabeth said...

The mixed veggies were called a "corn wiener saute" ...