Saturday, April 23, 2011

A ukulele is…



A guitar that got shrunk in the wash?

My new instrument!

Yes, I have decided to take up the study of the ukulele. I’m not really sure why – everything just kind of fell into place. So, my first ukulele arrived in the mail today while I was on the phone with my family. I was all ready to finish the conversation and get on with the huge list of weekend domestic chores waiting for me. But instead, with the arrival of the ukulele, I stayed on the phone with them and they were treated to a long impromptu ukulele concert on an untuned ukulele by someone who just learned how to spell ukulele last week.

I have a very patient family.

Here is the best thing about the ukulele – it sounds really happy, no matter what you are doing to it. This is good for a musical beginner. I was busy dancing while everyone else was learning about music, so I’m pretty much at square one. I have to provide that disclaimer, because yes, I am going to make you listen to the results of my first day.

Although, I suppose you could just choose not to press play.

But aren’t you curious?

Without further ado, me and my cheap ukulele!

I am very excited about this thing…heeheehee


Sharon said...

Yahoo!! Your music sounds terrific! And I absolutely adored being on the phone with you when your package arrived. I am excited about your new endeavor. Any word from the neighbors??? :)

aquamaureen said...

clapclapclapclapclapclap . . . that's the sound of thunderous applause!!!