Friday, April 22, 2011

It really is Good Friday

As an adult, I think Good Friday has become one of the most significant days of the year for me. And no, I cannot wrap my brain around everything that this day means.

But on the day Jesus died, He took upon Himself all the sins I’ve committed and will ever commit (b/c I’m a dork and sin more often than I should). When I feel the weight of my own sins, it is an awful load. How much more an innocent man taking on the sins of the world? I can’t even imagine that anguish. Yikes.

The other beautiful thing about Good Friday is knowing what happened on Sunday! Yay! He is risen!

So, for today, I’ll leave you with this video. I think it’s really beautiful.

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Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing this video, The guy has a really sweet voice. I had never heard that tune before.

I appreciate your humble thoughts on Good Friday, Elizabeth. As horrible as His death was, it truly was "good" that He took our punishment for us.

I love and miss you.