Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby, it's still cold outside

There are many wonderful things about technology, one of them being that this post is coming to you from under a pile of blankets.

This pic was from yesterday morning as I was on my way to church. And though today was also bitterly cold, things could have been worse. Praying for any of you who experienced the recent tornados.


Sharon said...

There is something odd about snow on April 18th. Do you still have heating oil at your home?

Elizabeth said...

I do, but for some reason it was still kinda cold last night.

aquamaureen said...

my grass almost needs mowing . . my daffodills are about to bloom . . . and it snowed last night and covered it all.

I. am. ready. for. spring.

Sharon said...

Oh, Maureen...ouch!

Liz...maybe the oil is almost out and that is why it doesn't feel as warm? I think that is what you mentioned happened last time.

Hmmm...thousands of miles apart from a very responsible young woman and I still keep acting mothery--hopefully it is not "smothery!"

Elizabeth said...

Um, I looked and it is getting low! Yikes!