Friday, March 4, 2011

Shoes of snow

Here are some photos from my snow trek through the tundra last weekend. I had such a good time just enjoying the solitary path and a brief snow shower. I did see a few fellow trekkers out there, as well as some skiers and people riding in a weird snow wagon.

What you see behind me in the picture where I am basically standing en attitude is a frozen lake. In the spring, swans come to the lake. Now, people can pay and drive on the frozen lake. Why, you might inquire. Well, they are having fun drifting. Ask a young male in your life for a fuller definition if you are curious. To be honest, it did look kind of fun out there!

At one point in my trek, I saw a fox speeding through the woods. Couldn’t get a picture of him, though. He was probably sprinting because his paws were getting frostbitten!

 CIMG2282 CIMG2283   CIMG2286 CIMG2289 CIMG2316 CIMG2298 CIMG2300   CIMG2305

CIMG2307 CIMG2310 CIMG2293 CIMG2311CIMG2294 CIMG2292  CIMG2295 CIMG2296


aquamaureen said...

gorgeous pictures, Liz ..

Sharon said...

I love, love, love these! You look utterly joyful!

Sharon said...

The snow angel is sooo cool, as is the birdhouse(?) and the approaching storm.

Sharon said...

I also like your silouette(sp?) with the 2 tracks on what looks like a vast plain.