Monday, March 7, 2011

No, no! Bad 歯

Vocabulary for the story:
昨日 – kinou - yesterday
キャラメル – kyarameru - caramel
バリバリ –baribari -  “crunch”
歯 – ha - tooth
いけない – ikenai - “oh, no”
歯医者 -  haisha – dentist
怖い – kowai – scary

昨日、I was eating a キャラメル。 Yummy! So, I ate another キャラメル。 As I enjoyed its delicious taste, I was very surprised to hear バリバリ。 That is not really a good sound to hear when you are chewing on a smooth キャラメル。

So, I poked around in the キャラメル。 I found a little bitty piece of white. Still fearing to accept the obvious, I poked my tongue around in my mouth. I was just about to exhale a sigh of relief when my tongue discovered a little hole in the side of my 歯。 いけない、I thought. I am going to have to visit the, gulp, 歯医者。 Double gulp.

This morning, I went to the office, and my English-speaking supervisor was not there. Triple gulp. So, I asked if he would be coming, only to be told he was off on an island. Quadruple gulp.

I managed to explain what happened, and the people in the office called and set up an appointment for me. Then, they handed me a map and showed me how to get there. Yes, I would be entering the dungeon 歯医者 office on my own. Quintuple gulp.

When it was time, I headed for the 歯医者 and entered the building. It was very 怖い! I didn’t have to do much paperwork, and for that, I was grateful. Everyone in the office was dressed in the old fashioned dental outfits with the double buttons. It was kind of cool and retro-looking, although I’m not sure that was the look they were going for.

From the waiting area, you could see a dental chair setup just kind of hanging out in a large open space. Maybe they sell tickets? I don’t know. I didn’t see anyone it it.

A few minutes before my scheduled appointment time, they called my name. 怖い! I followed the assistant around the corner to find a row of dental patients. Yup, three bright white and yellow chairs, right in a row.

“Toto, we aren’t in Kansas anymore.”

I got to sit in the middle chair. I refrained from leaning over to the good folks on either side and saying, “So, what are you in for?”

Pretty quickly, the 歯医者 came over, poked around at my 歯 and said I needed a filling. OK. So, we moved over to the filling chair. It was in a corner by itself. It was difficult to say goodbye to my new friends, the other patients. We had been through a lot together.

About 10 minutes later, my 歯 was refilled, and I was on my way.

Total time spent: About 15-20 minutes
Out of pocket cost: About 15 dollars
Amount of 怖い: Priceless


aquamaureen said...

you are such a gifted writer, Liz. You can talk about something real, that is sorta serious, and make me laugh at the same time. Very skilled.

P. S. sorry about your tooth . . reminded me of chomping on some m and m's in minnesota, and caarrrunch . . there went a tooth. and by the way, i had a filling done recently, and it cost me 2oo dollars . . i guess that was so pricey because i had a private room?????

Sharon said...

I like the price. I do not like the lack of privacy. I am glad all went well for you.

You really made my brain work by having to decode vital parts of this post. It proves how important it is to provide relevant material for new readers. I was so interested in what happened to you, that it kept me reading even when the reading itself was challenging.